Reed 0.9 Released

Reed has gotten a huge version bump from 0.0.6 to 0.9.x. The 0.0.x versions reflected a very early development state for the library. I feel that reed has enough features and functionality to graduate to the beta stage. After reed has been beta tested thoroughly, I will push it up to version 1.0.

The following new functionality is in reed 0.9.x:

  • Pages: Reed now supports markdown files as static pages in addition to its blog functionality. The pages API is fairly limited right now, but more is coming soon. Store your pages in a separate directory, and use the methods in reed.pages to serve up static content on your website!
  • reed.refresh: New method to force the Redis index to be in sync with what is on the filesystem. Also called internally at startup to clean up the index if changed while reed was not running.
  • remove event: A remove event is fired whenever a file is removed from reed. This includes deleting the file from outside Node, using reed.remove, and deleting the file while Reed is not running.

The following bug fixes are in reed 0.9.x:

  • Reed will no longer crash Node if a file is removed from a directory it is watching. A remove event is now fired.
  • Files that are removed while reed is not running will be removed from the Redis index when reed starts again.

Try out reed today:

npm install reed

See the GitHub repository for more information and documentation!


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