These are projects I've made or contributed to.

My Projects


A Markdown-based blogging and website core backed by Redis and the filesystem.

Reed is the lightweight lightweight blog engine. Reed reads markdown files on the filesystem and then stores them in a Redis database. Reed runs on Node. In fact, it powers the content on this website!

It exposes a simple, asynchronous API for storing and retrieving blog posts or website pages. See the README for more information about reed and how to use it.


Flux is an easy way to find and acquire public torrent files using Node.

Flux is a library for Node for super-easy content discovery. It provides programmatic access to public BitTorrent sites. It is capable of discovering, locating, and downloading torrents with a very simple API. Flux supports the following websites currently:

  • A meta search engine for numerous BitTorrent websites.
  • VODO Films: Free, legal, high quality films and TV shows.

Want flux to access your favorite torrent website? You can easily code custom providers to access those websites. Read the readme for a complete tutorial and documentation.


Eve is a dynamically strongly typed, pure prototypal, object-oriented language.

Eve is an experimental interpreter that targets the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). It's mostly being worked on as a learning experience.

Language features:

  • Everything is an object, and there are no classes.
  • Objects are generated by cloning prototypes and existing objects.
  • Objects have no delegation relationship with one another (as in JavaScript); this reduces confusion and mistakes when dealing with references.
  • Eve runs on the Java Virtual Machine, and integration with Java code is possible.

See the Wikipedia article for more information on prototypal programming. Go to the GitHub repository to get eve.



The xmlrpc module is a pure JavaScript XML-RPC server and client for node.js.


  • A bug fix that enabled handling of large responses.
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