🌱 Astroponic Garden

This is the place I collect random thoughts, timestamped to record when I happened to write them down. This is the (current) center of my approach to "digital gardening" over Gemini. Less poetically, it's a compost pile where I dump all the random crap that enters my brain! The garden is in tinylog format.

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2024-05-23 23:27 +0200

Finally updating site again after settling in for a month or so at new job.

2024-04-13 22:42 +0200

Visiting Home: Visiting home for a few days, flying out tomorrow.

2024-04-03 19:58 +0200

Starting Icelandic Level 5 Tonight: I am beginning Icelandic level 5 tonight. I am 2 hours ahead of Iceland, so the class runs from 9:40 PM until midnight. This will go on twice a week for the next two months. I am a masochist. But also excited.

2024-03-27 21:27 +0100

Found a bug in Gempost: Today I found a small but important bug in Gempost.

Gempost was not escaping XML characters properly.

Gempost generates an atom.xml feed, but it was not escaping characters like < or >. This broke gemfreely when it tried to sync the post about removing dynamic dispatch from the AI text adventure game to the Fediverse, as it couldn't parse the XML. It was fixed within a few hours by the author.

2024-03-25 15:16 +0100

Sun is shining, spring has arrived: The sun is shining, and spring has hit northern Europe. The ambient temperature is not very warm, but in the direct sun, it's comfortably warm with a slight cool breeze.

2024-03-24 16:35 +0100

Gemfreely 0.1.7 and Roadmap Update: Small update to 0.1.7 integrate underlying library bugfixes and ideas for syncing comments back to the fediverse.

Blog Post: Gemfreely - Bugfix and Roadmap Update

2024-03-22 21:36 +0100

Gemfreely 0.1.6: Gemfreely 0.1.6 is released with a small bug fix regarding emojis in Gemfeed titles.

Statically compiled releases are now available!

2024-03-21 21:19 +0100

Gemfreely Project Page: There is now a page on the capsule for the gemfreely tool.


This contains an intro to the tool and basic documentation.

2024-03-21 18:50 +0100

Switched to Forgejo: I have now switched the self-hosted Git server to Forgejo, as they are moving towards not being a soft fork anymore.


2024-03-21 18:28 +0100

Gemfreely - GPL compat check and bugfixes: I've added cargo-deny to the gemfreely build process, and it explicitly allows only GPL-compatible licenses, to make sure as best as possible that the code stays GPL-compatible, since the codebase itself is licensed under the AGPL and makes use of a bunch of GPL dependencies. I have also fixed a few bugs related to parsing Gemfeeds:

2024-03-21 14:41 +0100

Gemfreely also now mirrored to GitHub: The gemfreely command is also now mirrored on GitHub, to facilitate greater accessibility and exposure to a wider variety of users.


2024-03-21 14:25 +0100

Gemfreely - Synchronize Gemlogs to the Fediverse: I have created a tool to synchronize gemlogs to the Fediverse using WriteFreely (federated blogging). It's still very rough around the edges, but it does work. My main gemlog is now automatically synced to the fediverse.

Gemlog (Gemini) Gemlog (Fediverse) gemfreely on crates.io gemfreely on git.agnos.is

2024-03-18 14:47 +0100

Page Templating Complete: I have forked Gempost and made an enhancement to it to allow templated pages. This version of Gempost is now powering most of this capsule. The PR to integrate the changes into mainline is open for review on GitHub, but the functionality already works very well.

GitHub PR

2024-03-07 21:17 +0100

Navigation Breadcrumbs: I am experimenting with "navigation breadcrumbs," and making them more or less consistent across all pages. Currently, a link to the parent page can be found at the bottom of each page, along with a link to Home.

2024-02-26 20:28 +0100

Fountain Pens: I just got a (left handed) fountain pen, and I had no idea I was missing the best writing experience ever. It requires basically no pressure, and glides straight across the paper. Wrote an entire page with it. No smudges, just beautiful blue ink flowing on paper. It is still a bit finicky regarding positioning, even with the left-handed nib, but I am getting better at it even after just one page of writing.

2024-02-14 22:33 +0100

Kotlin and Junit 5: Public service announcement: It turns out that if you have JUnit 4 on your classpath at all, Maven will attempt to use the JUnit 4 test runner by default. This leads to a weird situation where none of your Kotlin-based JUnit tests are running! The JUnit 4 dependency was brought in by kotlin-test-junit. It seems one must include kotlin-test-junit5 instead!

2024-02-13 16:28 +0100

No Job: I am on the hunt for a backend software development job. Hopefully can find one soon.

2024-02-12 00:32 +0100

I miss proper patern matching: After working with both Scala and Rust for so long, I miss the proper full pattern matching of these languages when working with Kotlin. Never thought I'd say it.

2024-02-10 22:37 +0100

Micromobility Thoughts: I own an electric kick scooter. Riding it (with proper safety gear, of course) is thrilling. It's a very good way to get around with a compact vehicle. But it does have downsides. It can only safely carry me, and it doesn't really have room for cargo. Are there ways to make it better?

2024-02-10 12:14 +0100

Lack of Mobile Gemtext Editors: There are no proper text editors of any sort on mobile (Android at least) that support editing Gemtext. That means I must currently use the computer for any heavier content editing. Perhaps using Markdown and converting that to Gemtext will allow a wider use of editors when wanting to add a short post when I am not at my laptop.

2024-02-09 23:48 +0100

Emoji and Gemini: I normally don't use emoji that much (except for a few specific smilies), but the lack of inline images in Gemini presents a compelling opportunity to use emoji in a sparing, tasteful way to spruce up your capsule.

2024-02-09 23:21 +0100

Planting Seeds: I decided to create the digital garden page in the capsule. Rather than using the backlink approach that defines the digital gardening movement on the Web, I will centralize my random thoughts here, and update the entries with links to gemlogs and pages that have spawned from them.I decided to create the digital garden page in the capsule. Rather than using the backlink approach that defines the digital gardening movement on the Web, I will centralize my random thoughts here, and update the entries with links to gemlogs and pages that have spawned from them.