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The Gemini capsule of projectmoon, in Geminispace (and the Web).

This is a home for my musings about open source and software freedom, a listing of my projects, and the somewhat surreal exploration of a new-yet-old way of experiencing the internet.

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Other sections of the capsule. They hold information and thoughts on an array of diverse interests. Each section has its own structure and organization.

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Featured Sections:

🛴 Micromobility 📔 Writing & World Building


🚀 This Capsule

Details about this capsule, and my plans for it.

🪐 The Local Cluster

Interesting Gemini Capsules.

Digital Presence

Places I'm at on the internet.


🌙 agnos.is - this capsule 🗞️ u/projectmoon @ bbs.geminispace.org


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