🪐 The Local Cluster

Interesting or fun Gemini capsules I've come across.

Gemini Resources

The Gemini Project

Official site of the Gemini Project.

GeminiSpace.org BBS

A social network on Gemini that acts as a place for Geminauts to gather.

Gemtext Cheatsheet

Gemini markup language quick reference.

TinyLog Aggregator

The main aggregator of Tinylogs, a proposed method of microblogging over Gemini.

Collaborative Directory of Geminispace

Community-contributed categorized links to Gemini resources.

Personal Capsules

foo.zone - blog

The foo.zone.


A community garden over the Gemini protocol.


The Gemini capsule of the creator of gempost.


A capsule run by a technologically-inclined Catholic priest.


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