👽 About Me

I am a 30-something software developer located in Europe. I am passionate about open source, software freedom, sovereignty of personal data, and solving problems through the ethical use of technology. I am interested in how humanity can harness digital transformation for a greater good, rather than invasive exploitation in the name of profits, national security, or other manufactured reasons.

📧 Contact

I am reachable on these open platforms:

Email XMPP / Jabber Matrix @projectmoon (Fediverse)

🏂 Hobbies

I am the definition of a nerd. I enjoy tabletop roleplaying games (particularly Chronicles of Darkness/New World of Darkness), video games, and coding. But I am also an avid snowboarder, cooker of things on the grill, and enjoy flying sport/stunt kites.

🖥️ Tech

I like to say I'm a person that runs a data center out of my house. My personal systems all run Gentoo Linux (with my main laptop also running the Linux-libre kernel), and I self-host most of the software I use on a daily basis.

In the software space, I've made my career mostly working with Java and JVM languages, but have used almost every well-known general-purpose programming language at one point or another. Personally, I most enjoy working with:

🕴️ Professional Career

I am a professional backend software developer with 15 years of experience in a variety of industries. I specialize in cloud computing and cloud-native applications, and have extensive experience with:

Additionally, through lots of experimentation and learning through personal projects, I have exposure to industry-standard frameworks like React, Redux, and programming languages such as Rust, Ruby, and more.


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