🛸 What is agnos.is?

The agnos.is domain is the main domain under which I run a collection of self-hosted services for my personal use, or the use of my friends and family. The name is a bad pun. Long ago, I originally wanted the domain "gnos.is", after the word gnosis (meaning secret knowledge, enlightenment). The prefix a- means "not" or "no", so it means the opposite of secret knowledge or enlightenment.


The primary services available for use by people I know are:

agnos.is Social (Social Media) agnos.is News (RSS Reader) agnos.is Git (Code Hosting) agnos.is NextCloud (The Cloud™) agnos.is Matrix Server (Chat) agnos.is XMPP Server (Chat; link broken, but server up)

If you know me, and you want to make use of these services, contact me.


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